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Dedicated to Providing
Affordable & Quality Services

esseff Digital, LLC is more than a Web site development company, we are a technology provider with a wide array of solutions to offer each of our unique clients. Our full spectrum of consulting, design services, database programming, back-end integration, marketing services and developed applications offers a complete solution. Whether our clients require a Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, or Business-within-Business service, esseff Digital, LLC is well-equipped to meet their needs. Our experience with web design, web development, programming and marketing can help you take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities offered by the internet. esseff Digital, LLC can help you define the right web strategy for your business, avoid common mistakes, address any issues that need clarification, and put a plan into action.

esseff Digital, LLC always begins with customer needs analysis and then turns to a broad arsenal of technologies for the right match. Your developed web site may utilize any of the following:

  • E-mail, mail lists and auto-responders
  • Semi-Custom Applications from our library
  • Form response and database collection
  • Database search and retrieval systems
  • Membership based limited access management
  • Secure online merchant systems including online ordering and electronic commerce transactions
  • Interactive forms
  • Database design & implementation
  • Password protection, unique membership logins
Web Designs & Web Development

esseff Digital, LLC uses the very latest technologies to create sites with superior production value along with high information and content impact. We understand that your company's Internet presence directly reflects its image. Our strategy and technical engineering work together with your branding and company images to combine and create a comprehensive communications platform to develop a cutting-edge and secure Internet site.

Designing your web site typically includes the following:

  • Acquire an Internet domain name (your own dot com address).
  • Define the purpose of the web site (offer services, sell merchandise, etc.).
  • Define the target audience (local vs. geographically unlimited).
  • Establish goals (generate leads, collect customer surveys, etc.)
  • Create an appealing graphic design (implement corporate identity)
  • Organize content (including mission statement and keywords).
  • Develop a marketing plan (search engine registrations, etc.).
esseff Services

 Development of E-Business Strategies
The first step in any successful project is creating a solid plan and a foundation on which to build your success. That’s where esseff’s experience in E-business comes into play. As analysts, esseff works closely with our clients to define their short and long-term goals and ultimately formulate a customized, scaleable, and winning E-Business strategy. From analysis and architecture recommendations to E-Business strategy and software selection, development, and promotion, our consultation services will help our clients make sound business decisions.

Programming & Database
Along with our in-house programming, esseff Digital, LLC has developed strategic alliances with software programmers from several professional organizations. With these skills and experience, we're able to produce professional database solutions to meet your demanding goals. ASP, SQL Server, ASP.NET, and Oracle databases are all in a day's work for our systems professionals. esseff designers and programmers are skilled in the latest and most advanced web technologies including user-operated content management systems, database interactivity, content personalization, Internet security and e-commerce.

Internet Marketing & Promotion Services

The World Wide Web is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your business, whether you are marketing to the local community or the world. esseff Digital, LLC strives to understand each client's business needs, define web opportunities, and offer an effective custom solution. Marketing is NOT just about tactics; e-mails, newsletters, search engines and ad campaigns….Marketing means solving customers’ problems profitably.
Web Hosting & Email Services
esseff Digital, LLC has aggressively invested in building a solid, reliable and secure hosting infrastructure. We co-locate our equipment in national datacenters and have redundant connections to the Internet through the highest connection rates available, as well as use multiple providers following unique data paths to ensure bandwidth availability and uptime. Your web site resides on an Internet server that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our robust and powerful servers are connected to the Internet backbone for lightning fast access and efficient operation. Multiple visitors can simultaneously view and interact with your web site from anywhere in the world.

 Web Site Updates, Maintenance & Support
esseff Digital, LLC creates web sites that are easily maintained and can be client modified at any time from anywhere to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers business. A website is never "finished" -- if it is to continue to attract visitors it must be kept fresh and up-to-date. For that reason we like to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients -- we don't just deliver a site and then walk away. Regular maintenance work is just as important to us as creating brand new sites. Our sites allow you to take control of day-to-day updates yourself, without needing any special knowledge of web technology -- all you need is a Web browser!  But we're also happy to take over all site maintenance, if you prefer.

esseff Digital, LLC is eager to assist the smallest of businesses yet capable of meeting the demands of the largest. At esseff, we believe in the concept of giving the most for our client’s money. We realize in today's business world consumers expect quality work for affordable prices, and that's exactly what all of our clients receive.  esseff Digital, LLC is dedicated to providing:

  • Personal Attention
  • Superior Design
  • Experienced Technical Team
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Web Marketing Support
  • Reasonable Pricing
If your business can benefit from any of the above or If you wish to explore how various technologies may be integrated into your web, please call at 541-344-7044 or contact us at www.esseff.com