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esseff WEBSITE PRODUCTS are Web-based e-Business Solutions, which means they are very easy to use and conveniently accessible.  Users will love the convenience. And you, as the administrator of the application, can use the web to manage your sites information.  The dynamic nature of our Modules makes it affordable for any business to own a custom solution.

esseff MICROSITES  are made for those who want to be able to maintain their own websites without the help of often expensive web designers and web programmers.  There is no special skill required to use the esseff management tools, you do not have to attend lengthy and time consuming seminars or classes to figure out how to build you website, we keep things simple, the only thing you need is a computer with a internet connection, and the ability to write. With esseff's management tools you can add and edit content, graphics, and pages to your web with a click of a button.

esseff Digital, LLC delivers the web's highest quality business-grade hosting and web development, including internet, intranet, extranet and MICROSITE business solutions. Our expertise in content management, e-commerce, translation, and interactive technologies can transform your business needs into world-class business solution.   esseff provides redesign, assessment, maintenance, renovation and conversion  of existing websites.


Dedicated to Providing
Affordable & Quality Services

Web Site Designs, Integration & Development

Development of E-Business Strategies

Application Programming & Database Solutions

Internet Marketing & Promotion Services

Web Hosting, Email & Collaboration Services

Web Site Management, Maintenance & Support


....Because your website is your business!

If you rely on your website for your business, We can help you use it effectively. We provide web sites ranging from simple "brochure sites" to complex managed content and e-commerce applications.

Are you fed up of having to contact your web designer every time you want to add some fresh information to your site? We specialize in developing sites that our clients can update themselves

What can you do with a Web site? The answer depends on what sort of business you are in, your budget ... and your imagination!

Making your site simple to change!


How Are You Optimizing Your Campaigns?

As you design and implement campaigns, chances are you're exploring a lot of questions: Which subject line will work best in this e-mail? What landing page color is most effective at getting visitors to stay? Would moving the call-to-action higher in the page boost conversion? esseff helps you get the answers to these questions so you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
The key to campaign optimization is testing—testing the subject line, the offer, the landing page—and then measuring the results. A/B Testing is a process of isolating and testing specific factors that affect the performance of your campaigns. First present two different variations of your campaign to a small subset of your audience. Then measure which version is most effective and deploy the top performer to the larger, remaining audience.

Split Testing opportunities are endless. But a couple of things to remember as you get started:

  • Test one factor at a time to isolate cause and effect.
  • Don't just focus on the creative of your advertisement—also look at the web site landing pages that you are driving visitors to.
  • When measuring the effectiveness of your tests, be sure to look not only at visitor acquisition, but also conversion and retention

All your eMarketing efforts are wasted or worse yet harmful, if your site is not up to reasonable standards. This comprehensive site analysis will point to the deficiencies in your site so you can correct them and get a better ROI on your marketing investment. The analysis will also help you get better search engine listings by checking incoming and out going links, metatags, copy and other items that are essential to good listings in the search engines. Additionally we will check on your traffic, page views, and visitor ranks in comparison with your competition. Order today….$850.00

• Report the number of incoming links to your site
• Check and report on HTML code errors on your site
• Check and report on the status of your search engine optimization
• Check and report on dead links on your site
• Check your images for optimization
• Check your status with the major search engines
• Review your navigation and provide an evaluative report
• Review your site in general for e-commerce optimization
• Review your privacy policy and report on areas of improvement
• Provide a general evaluation of your site

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